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iCLEAN Mouthwash

iCLEAN Mouthwash

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iCLEAN Mouthwash revolutionizes oral care with its powerful iodine-based formula, providing a truly clean oral experience and reducing the risk of oral health issues such as gum problems, bad breath, and plaque build-up.

  • Gentle, Non-Irritating Formula
  • Naturally Freshens Breath
  • Daily Optimal Oral Health
  • Alcohol Free, Fluoride Free
  • Organic Mint Flavoring

8 fl oz

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Swish & gargle 1 teaspoon (about a capful) vigorously for 30 seconds. Spit it out. Done! (Be sure to reseal the cap immediately after use to keep iCLEAN potent and pure).

Do not exceed the recommended dose. If you are pregnant or nursing, have a medical condition, are taking thyroid medication, are sensitive to iodine medication, consult your healthcare professional before using this product. Keep out of reach of children.


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Before & After

The act of swishing liberates the iodine from the liquid and the color shows how effectively you just swished. Try it yourself!

Harness the Power of Iodine

Inside every bottle of iCLEAN, our patented process generates powerful free molecular iodine. Our advanced formula targets impurities for a truly revitalized smile.

Feel the Difference!

iCLEAN removes that slimy stuff (biofilms) off your teeth! Feel the refreshing difference with our natural cleanse formula. Watch as iCLEAN unveils a revitalized and radiant smile!

Volume Pricing

We are pleased to offer dentists and hygienists a volume price of $15 per bottle for 25 bottles or more. The discount is applied automatically at checkout.